Hobbies Alphabetized

CCO image courtesy of Pixabay.com

As a self-respecting Psychobbyist I though I’d catalog all of the hobbies that I already have or plan on picking up in the nearest future. Here they are in alphabetical order
AArchery. Also shooting anything that goes bang. Also watching anything that goes bang being shot. My favorite show is “Top Shot”, OK?
BBaking. Mmm, love me some pie and cookies. Homemade bagels anyone?
CCrocheting. I’m not into afghans though, sorry. Blame the short attention span. Also cheese making. This is one of my lifelong dreams.
DDancing. Medieval and Regency dancing to be specific. I still can’t waltz for the life of me.
EEmbroidery. Ok, I don’t do it very often but once in a blue moon I can produce a decent looking embroidered piece.
FFitness? Haha, I wish! Felting? No, not really. Fresh water aquariums? Having one would be awesome one day. We will leave this one for the future. And no, Facebooking is not a hobby, it’s an addiction.
GGardening. Didn’t expect that one myself, but here I am, pulling weeds!
HHome brewing. That’s another one for the future. I would definitely like to try it one day. For now H is for Home decorating
I – Mmmm Internet? Google, help me! This alphabetizing thing is not as easy as I expected…
J Jewelry making. I like to play around with PMC (precious metal clay). This hobby is too expensive for me right now though.
KKnitting. I knit on a scary-looking 80s contraption called sweater master. Needles are not my thing but anything that brings automation is welcome, hence the knitting machine
LLuceting. Fun hobby for mindless crafting when you need tons of cord. Look it up, the vikings did it.
MMaking historical costumes. Ok, it might be a bit of a stretch. Did you expect me to list modeling here?
NNetflix? I do watch tons of it.
OOrienteering. Just kidding! I can get lost on my way home from work. It’s Organizing. Bins and totes are my friends.
PPhotography. Yes, everybody is a photographer these days. I don’t have instagram though, so there! Also, I know that all of the pictures in my blog so far are stock ones, but I’m working on it, pinky swear. Having a super old camera with a compact flash memory card doesn’t help.
Q – No, I refuse to do quilting. Quail raising sounds like more fun. Future hobby perhaps?
RReading. Don’t have much time for this hobby lately. Hmm, I wonder why
SSewing. Need I explain this one? If I was set for life and didn’t have to worry about money, I would probably sew, sew, sew.
TToy train making. This one is just waiting to be started. My husband has some toy train stuff, we should get it out of the box already.
VVideo games. Lego ones are fun
WWeaving. Specifically I do tablet weaving, not as much as I used to though. Wreath making maybe? I need to practice that one a bit more. Writing! Got it!
YYogurt making. It’s kinda fun, but frustrating at times. The secret is in the right bacteria. I purchased some heirloom cultures, so far they are doing ok.
Z – The best I can come up with is Zealous cleaning. Look it up, it’s a thing; people write blogs and publish books about it.

This is not an exhaustive list. This is not a serious list either.

I will be updating it as more hobbies come my way. What are your hobbies? Please let me know in comments.



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